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Udruga izviðaèa
"Slavonski hrast"
Short history of scouts in Osijek



In 1919, after WWI, prof. Gejza Krnic founded the first scout organization in Osijek. The first troop was called “Poletarac”, and shortly after that he established another troop, called “Uskok”.

In 1923, Franjo Pakaci began publishing the scout magazine called the “Scout”. In 1928 all non-Yugoslavian organizations were forbidden, so the publishing of the “Scout” had to stop. (our troop started publishing again in 1994).


During WWII there were no scouts in the new Yugoslavia, and after the war because of pioneer organizations.


In 1953 because of a growing interest the first after-war troop was established. It was called “Ivo Lola Ribar”, first troop leader was A.M.Stern and the president was I. Simunovic. Their first camping was that same year in Logorska Dolina (Camping Valley), and the next one in 1954 in Trenta.


In 1958, again, because of an interest there were new organizations established; troops: “Mosa Pijade”, "Bosko Buha” and the next year, troop “Mate Jerkovic”.


In 1960 troop “Bratstvo i Jedinstvo” was established and within this worked the aviation troop “Franjo Kluz”.


The same year all troops were united into the scout association of the county district Osijek and that became the first county district scout organization in Croatia.


In 1968 troop “Franjo Kluz” became the Unit of aviation scouts, and at the time it was the only unit specialized in aviation in the country.

In 1992 the scouts started working with children again. They worked in schools, shelters and local communities. At that time all scouts in Osijek became the same unit, Scout Unit “Quercus”, Osijek. On July 19, 1993, the Scout Association of Croatia was accepted into the WOSM (World Organization of Scout Movement), and this was important because we hadn’t been part of it since 1938.


On October 6,1997 our scout troop "Quercus" (now "Scout Association Slavonski Hrast") has received on the occasion of Independence Day "POVELJA ZAHVALNOSTI OSJECKO-BARANJSKE ZUPANIJE," for dedicated and selfless participation in rescuing as well as providing protection for war-affected citizens on the territory of the above mentioned county.

It is not finished yet, and not complete. Only one big summary. Translated By Ida Cagalj.

Darko Miklavcic -Leo



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